Carta Coffee Merchants

Carta Coffee Merchants

Carta Coffee Merchants is one of the newest coffee producers, and roasters to Hawaii’s Kona coffee, and I must say, I am very impressed with the results of their product. Scott Burr is the founder of Carta Coffee Merchants, and he has the unique advantage of being a wine grower from California, giving him an advantage to becoming a very promising, and outstanding coffee farmer as well.


How does this translate to coffee?

Wine and Coffee share the same flavor wheel profile, and most tasters in both worlds use the same vocabulary. You will find that most coffee geeks, and coffee tasters, have a wine flavor wheel in their possession, as the coffee growers and roasters are pulling out more, and more complex taste, aroma and flavors, the wine wheel comes in very handy, for it already has a large vocabulary of adjectives that fits in the ever changing world of coffee. Scott knows this, and he brings his rich background in wine producing, and farming, to coffee by teaming up with George Yasuda Kona’s top agricultural expert, creating this product, a very bold, sophisticated, and complex coffee that is worthy of any coffee drinker.


How big is Carta Coffee Merchants?

Carta Coffee is small, and deals in micro lots, so there won’t be a big surplus of this coffee on the market. If you are interested in getting some, you will need to order it on the Internet. The advantage of this is that the coffee you order will be freshly roasted, and directly sent to you. This is Carta Coffee Merchants first offering, so I strongly recommend that you order some now, because once the word gets out, you may not to be able to get this excellent coffee at all!

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