Carta Coffee Merchants Latitude Light and Dark

Carta has a new version of their favorite coffee called Latitude, just in time for the Holidays!  There is now a new, lighter roast available that you can order online. Latitude Light! It’s big, bold, and as rich as the Dark, but the Light has a slight vanilla note, whereas the Dark is spicy, and smoky.

Carta Coffee Dark and Light

Carta Coffee Latitude Dark and Light

Here is what I found

The Flavor of the Light is just as earthy as the Dark, but more fruit like, and milder in taste than the Dark. The Dark is sweeter, and stronger in flavor than the Light, but both are very smooth and complex with loads of personality.


The body of both coffees is on the full side, impressive to drink, but the Dark is a bit heavier, and thick. The Light has a very juicy mouth feel, while the Dark is creamy instead.


The acidity in both coffees is well balanced, naturally sweet, fruity and smooth, but the difference is the Light is mild, brighter and a bit cleaner than the Dark.


The Finish on this side by side tasting, is that the Light is cleaner not as long life in the cup as the Dark, but both are fresh, full of flavors, earthy, and fruity, with a nice well rounded body. Another difference between the two is the intensity of the Dark, verses the Light, the Dark is sweeter and bolder in flavor, while the Light has a very defined cleanness to it, not as earthy as the Dark. As the coffee cooled down I did notice a slight smokiness to the Dark, which to me added more to it.


Overall I would not hesitate to serve both of these coffees side by side at any function, it is a good example of a roaster that knows how to bring out the best of their coffee beans.

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