Carta Coffee Merchants Black and Tan: exoticness in a cup

Carta Coffee Merchants have a new blend called Black and Tan, and it is quite outstanding! Full of wonderful surprises, I was quite excited, and thankful  that I got to have some! Here is what I found.

The label says it all


The aroma is big, giving you a nice rich, smoky start, followed up with some caramel, vanilla, and a hint of malt. The main aroma throughout of this rich cup is the fiery earthiness, complements of the volcanic soil.

The blend of different roasted coffee beans, leads to a excellent cup.


I did not know what to expect in a blend like this, so imagine my surprise to find this coffee to be naturally sweet, smooth, and complex with loads of spices, like vanilla, all spice, and hints of cinnamon. There are lots of chocolate notes adding to the complexity of this coffee. The blend is also strong and earthy without being heavy handed. As this blend cools down I noticed the chocolate flavor coming out even more, nudging aside the earthy profile. The natural sweetness of this blend is amazing! I have yet to add cream or milk, I am still enjoying this.



I love the acidity in this blend. The coffee has brightness that is well balanced, being smooth and sweet. As it cools down it becomes mild with a clean finish, not gritty as some Asian Pacific coffees



I am going out on a limb here calling this blend sensual, but it really is. It is thick, full and highly impressive, I am amazed by it.

Brewing up some Black and Tan


The Black and Tan is a very well-rounded blend, full of complex flavors that come off bright and clean. The natural sweetness has even impressed some coffee drinkers who habitually put cream and sugar, so much so, that they forgot to doctor their coffee, and were surprised that their cup was empty before they realized it. I highly recommend this blend to anybody who loves coffee. The coffee enthusiasts need to order it for themselves so they can have serious bragging rights to some seriously, righteous coffee.

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