Carta Coffee Latitude Light 2020, Something Old with a New Twist.


Carta Coffee Latitude Light 2020, something old with a new twist. The new twist is how this outstanding coffee was roasted. Scott did a lighter roast, resulting in an equally delicious coffee that now has a vintage taste profile. If coffee could be kept fresh for longer than a few weeks, this could be done at a coffee tasting. But alas, no such luck. Thank goodness I keep detailed notes on such things. I will give my findings below, and then do a comparison on both.

The Latitude 2020 is a naturally sweet coffee that has a lot of elegant aroma and flavor notes.

Carta’s Coffee Latitude 2020 Light and Dark

Here is what I found.



The Latitude 2020 has a very nice floral aroma that greets the nose upon opening the bag. The earthiness is there, tantalizing the taste buds. I picked up the naturally sweet, white wine aroma, like a resiling or Gurtzwimer.


Latitude 2016: It’s big, bold, has a slight vanilla note,

Carta Coffee Roaster by hires


I found the flavor sweet and earthy. I encountered a milk chocolate flavor followed up by all spice, giving it an all-round well-balanced flavor.

Adding milk, the all spice comes forward and the milk chocolate comes in second as the dominating flavor.


Latitude 2016, the Light is just as earthy, fruit like, and milder, very smooth and complex with loads of personality.


Carta Coffee Estate by hires sunset wide



Latitude 2020 is a medium weight coffee that is full bodied, lively, juicy, and has a very nice mouth feel. It leaves you wanting more.


Latitude 2016, The Light has a very juicy mouth feel, is on the full side, impressive to drink.



This coffee is naturally sweet. I did not get any bitterness as it sat around in my cup cooling down. The finish is spot on, not muddy, and quite refreshing.


Latitude 2016 the Light is mild, brighter and cleaner is well balanced, naturally sweet, fruity and smooth,



Overall Scott at Carta Coffee Merchants has roasted another winner in my book. This coffee lives up to its predecessor, and in my opinion is a bit more refined and elegant.






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