Carta Coffee Latitude Dark 2020, Natural Process Darker Side


Carta Coffee Latitude Dark 2020, Natural Process Darker Side is a slight departure from the 2016 dark. Scott of Carta Coffee put a slight twist to his roasting profile, and I am lucky enough to get to taste it. I will do the same as I did in the Latitude Light. The twist being on both these coffees was done in the roasting.

Here is what I found

Carta’s Coffee Latitude 2020 Light and Dark


The aroma is big and fiery will fill up your kitchen. After a while I noticed the sweet smokey smell of tobacco fallowed by dark chocolate and fruit.


Latitude Dark 2016:

The Dark is big, bold, and rich. Filling the room with some spice and smokiness.



This coffee is naturally sweet with some complexity of earthiness, dark chocolate, followed by some smokiness making this a rich cup of flavors.

Latitude Dark 2016:

The Dark is sweeter and strong in flavor. Smooth and complex overall.


Full, well rounded, slightly juicy. I found this coffee to be smooth and gentle to drink with no bitter finish or aftertaste.


Latitude Dark 2016:

Full, very impressive to drink, heavy and thick. Very creamy mouth feel.



The acid in this coffee is low and naturally sweet. Has a long life in the cup with a smooth clean finish, not muddy at all.

Latitude Dark 2016:

Well balanced naturally sweet, smooth.


With dairy:

I did add dairy to this coffee, it was good without it, but to be consistent I did add some. This coffee became a dessert coffee, the dark chocolate took over as the main flavor and lent itself to a host of chocolate desserts. I consulted my notes from 2016 and I noticed the same opinion was there.



This 2020 version of this coffee is just as good as the 2016, but with a richer pallet of flavor. Quite incredible coffee, both of them.








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