Captains Roast by Carta Coffee Merchants

Wonderful bag of delight

Wonderful bag of delight

Captains Roast, by Carta Coffee Merchants, is a dark roast coffee that leaves you wanting more! What is even better? It’s 100% Kona coffee, from a new start up coffee roaster, so as a coffee drinker; you will truly appreciate the level of skill, and expertise that went into this outstanding cup of coffee.

The Aroma

The aroma of the Captains Roast is a very big, rich, and deep smoky aroma, with nice earthy undertones, and I found a slight hint of spice that will certainly wake up the household with its enticing aroma.

The Flavor

I found the flavor of the Captains Roast to be just as wonderful as the aroma. You can taste the big, bold, deep, rich smoky flavor, in perfect balance with the spice and earthiness. What really stood out for me? How naturally sweet, and smooth this coffee is, and for a surprising treat I picked up a nice citrus finish that left a nice, clean pallet.

When I added whole milk, I found it to be very pleasing, making this coffee a dessert coffee for me.


The Body

The body of the Captains Roast is impressively full and thick, for a recommended breakfast coffee; this most certainly fits the bill. There is a pleasing, mouth feel, and I did not get any sour notes, what so ever, when I was drinking this coffee.


The Acidity

The Acidity of the Captains Roast was very pleasant, not sharp, or sour, but nice, and mellow, with a surprisingly clean, sweet, and crisp finish, not a long finish as you would find in most Asian pacific coffees. The natural sweetness, and the citrus notes give rise to the unique attribute of this coffee from Carta Coffee Merchants.

The Verdict

Easy, go out and get some! You are about to be in on the first offering, and ground floor of an amazing coffee that is new on the market, and think of the bragging rights you will have saying you knew it when! Myself? Well, I am stoked to have the honor of reviewing this coffee, and spreading the word of something new, and very special.

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