Café Richesse Sumatra worthy of more than one cup.

Café Richesse Sumatra is worthy of more than one cup. Their Sumatra is exactly what I expected, a deep earthy taste and texture that covers your taste buds with smooth, rich and deep exotic flavors.

Enjoying the richness of Cafe Richesse

Café Richesse is based in Fort Collins, CO, established in 1993 and are locally and family owned. They have a nice assortment of single origin coffee throughout the world. If you like blends, Café Richesse has you covered there. There are seven blends that are offered to make any serious coffee drinker happy.


Myself, I picked up a full pound of Sumatra Mandheling from a local coffee shop, that has smartly picked Café Richesse as their coffee supplier. Kofe in Berthoud does an excellent job of serving this coffee.

I found the Sumatra to be of excellent taste, and quality. The roast on it is spot on, pulling out all the wonderful flavors that makes a Sumatra a treat to drink. The rich earthy tones are there right at the beginning. It is mellow (low on acid), allowing all the complex flavors of cedar, chocolate and turmeric to come out. Quite enticing coffee to start your day with, as the aroma makes its way through your house.


What I admire about Sumatra is that when you drink an outstanding cup, you know it. Sumatra has a body that has weight that lets you know you are having a serious cup of coffee. You can taste the volcanic soil in Sumatra Coffee, showcasing the fire and the rich earth that these coffee beans come from.


Café Richesse, in my opinion, portrays this in their roast of this coffee. It is roasted to perfection, dark and subtle, full of richness and mystery that keeps you coming back for more.




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