Buzz Kill Decaf from Johnny Lolita’s and no it wont kill your joy in drinking this coffee.

Buzz Kill Decaf, I must confess, like many of my coffee drinking, and coffee swilling fans, and peers, I have a certain distain for decaf coffee. It is, in my opinion, like eating non-dairy ice cream, and paying full premium price for it. So, when Johnny Lolita’s sent me their decaf, and told me I would at the very least like it, I was very much skeptical. Imagine my surprise, that when I finally got around to brewing this coffee up, I was completely taken aback by it’s richness in aroma, flavor, and body! Even the acidity was perfect for me! There was no weakness in flavor, it wasn’t flat, but instead very fresh and vibrant, juicy without being watery and weak.

coffee cup

Just a perfect cup.

The body was just bold enough to make such a statement on its blend of beans, so that I was searching for some amazing flavors that I have yet to find in any decaf to date. I picked up caramel, spice, some rich earthiness with a hint of smokiness, all balanced into a clean, and complex cup of coffee. I added ½ and ½ and what a rich cup this Buzz Kill turned into, I paired it up with some rich home made chocolate cake, and wham! What a perfect pairing! That, right there said a lot about the roasting skills of Johnny Lolita, to roast Buzz Kill so well that I was happily drinking it, knowing full well it is a decaf, and I did not care, because the flavor was so outstanding.

The acidity of Buzz Kill is very clean, and naturally sweet, no bitterness, and the cup life is in the medium to long range making this a perfect choice for late afternoon or evening dessert cup. It has plenty of flavors, and body to stand up to a lot of different types of snacks, be it either savory or sweet.


Overall I am very much impressed by Buzz Kill, it is very firm in body and flavor, it doses not go flat or get weak, and if someone were to serve it to you and not tell you it is a decaf, you would never know. Hats off to Johnny Lolita!






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