Boma Blend; Meru Coffee Farms

The taste of Tanzania

The taste of Tanzania

I must confess, it usually takes me one day to review a coffee and only 3 minutes to decide if I like it. I have been rather slow to write a review on this coffee and it only took me less than 3 minutes to decide if I liked it. The truth of it though is I love it! I have started several times to make notes and write stuff down on what I like, but for some strange reason, I can’t get far on the writing end of my endeavor. I start my review with all the papers lined up, pen ready to go, French Press of the Boma Blend made and a cup poured filling the room with its rich heady aroma of flowers and black tea. I take a sip, and I am quietly taken away, to another place enjoying a very fine cup of coffee, losing myself, literally in the cup.


Boma Blend has become the most requested coffee at my table, by several of my friends who are big black tea drinkers. They like the black tea taste, and the feel of it, when they add cream to the Boma Blend it becomes a premium black tea with out adding any sugar. The Boma is naturally sweet and the acidity is low, so there is no sharp finish, but a nice gentle satisfying end to a truly outstanding cup of coffee. The body is full without being heavy or light and the finish is fresh and bright.


Meru Coffee Farms is shipped all over the US. Even better, you can get a subscription to their outstanding coffee, and get it on a regular schedule with out leaving your house to go looking for it. Go check out Meru Coffee Farms, get a taste of Tanzania, and get ready for a wonderful trip in your cup

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