Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout, more than just a gimmick.

Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout was bought on a whim and I thought okay this is a gimmick beverage for the holidays. I have had coffee infused beer before, some from big companies and a some from home brewers who thought they were doing something different and unique. Bringing my two favorite drinks together is often a recipe for disaster. The beer is usually heavy on the coffee side so it is bitter and has the taste of coffee that has been sitting on a burner way to long. The other result is it is light in coffee taste and the beer is either a lager or an ale that I would not buy.

Glass of yummy stout

Just a right balance.

This Blue Moon’s Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout is quite different, I frankly love it and yes I am planning to buy some more when this 6 pack is done.  I love a good stout, being a big fan of the world famous stout from Ireland I was rather reluctant to buy it. I thought this stout was just a one trick pony ploy by the marketing branch of Blue Moon. I was mistaken, this is really a serious stout that has some legs and the right balance of flavor and aroma. The coffee end of it is perfectly just right, enough flavor taste of coffee and cocoa to make this oatmeal stout a wonderful way to end your day.

Blue Moon’s Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout

What makes this Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout stand out for me is the creamy, smooth body. The pleasant taste that is not heavy or bitter, but sweet, full of wonderful flavors that are not complex but pure and simple.

I will be buying more before it is gone and won’t be back until next season. Good job Blue Moon

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