Black Standard Coffee, a micro roaster worth getting to know.

Black Standard Coffee is a micro roaster worth getting to know. They are based in Tucson and are using their black standard poodle as the logo for their business. They have been in the coffee trade since 2015. What sets Black Standard Coffee (BSC) apart from most roasters is that they are involved in Farm Gate coffee, which means that the coffee bean producer (farmer) gets a premium price for their coffee, and the middleman is totally out of the picture. Unlike Fair Trade this is a one on one personal relationship, vs. a co-op. For the coffee drinker, this is as close as you can get without flying yourself directly to the coffee plantation.

Black Standard Coffee has a very friendly website that is super easy to use. I placed my order easily and quickly, and I had a very enticing bag of coffee waiting for me in a short amount of time.

I got the Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines, dark roast here is what I found.



The aroma on this coffee is very large, big, like fill the whole room big when it is brewing! When I got my bag of fresh roasted coffee it made the corner of my kitchen quite alluring.



It was outstanding! Even the non-coffee geek in my household was impressed. It has raisins, chocolate and toffee as the main flavors. Combined, it made a rich cup of caffeine delight that we were still talking about later in the day. I added dairy to it, and the flavor profile took a turn more to the chocolate and toffee flavors. All and all, it made this coffee an outstanding cup.



The body of this coffee was impressive, very solid, not watery or thin, but a solid, weighty cup of coffee with a pleasant mouth feel.

Getting ready to have a cup


Here is the surprise, the acidity is low, not medium or high like most South American coffees. But a naturally sweet cup that is not prone to be bitter after a few minutes sitting. I got to enjoy this cup over breakfast and did not feel the need to slam down my coffee because it was getting bitter and losing its flavors. No, this coffee was quite happy hanging out, delivering its excellent taste.



Overall, I say that Black Standard Coffee is so worth the effort to get to know. They are what is best in Micro Roasters and they put out a very impressive roast on a highly sought coffee bean and did it right. So, all you coffee geeks, and coffee coinsures, add Black Standard Coffee to your list of excellence.






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