Black Eye Coffee

Denver’s newest local roaster that will knock you out.

black eye lobby

Black Eye Coffee, in Denver, CO, is a “must go” coffee shop! Simply because everybody, who is anybody, is there. I went in the middle of the afternoon thinking the shop would be empty, well, imagine my surprise when I walked in and found the place crowded, and there were people still coming in after me. However, I found out very quickly why this anomaly was happening at 1:30 in the afternoon.


What did you found out?


The first thing I discovered about Black Eye Coffee was the location, it’s perfect! Right in the middle of the block where there are lots of offices and businesses, and right across the street there is a vibrant residential area. Black Eye Coffee has become their place to get a quick bite to eat, and/or have a cup of coffee.


Second, having killer coffee, and espresso! Black Eye Coffee also has a kitchen that makes righteous breakfast, and lunch meals freshly made, and they have a baker! Making mouthwatering, desserts to go with your excellent espresso, or coffee.

espresso and dessert at black eye

The staff was very nice, and polite, and the barista I had, when I ordered my cappuccino, did a bang up job of making my drink, the foam was so tight I thought I could float a quarter on it; as a result, I had some amazing foam art and most importantly, it was an outstanding drink as well.


Would you go back?


Oh yes I would! It is one of those places where I feel totally at home! Regardless of the fact that I only visit Denver twice a year. This place, and a few others that I will make a point of visiting when I come back, I will put on my “go to” list.

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