Black Eye Coffee Guatemalan

Black Eye Coffee Guatemalan

Black Eye Coffee

Guatemala Huehuetenango with some surprising twist.


Black Eye Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango, is my most recent acquisition from Denver’s ever changing coffee market.  I found the Black Eye Coffee offering to be quite outstanding, with some rather pleasing surprises, flavors that I did not expect, and yet they were there! This is what I found……



The aroma of Black Eye Guatemala is big, and I mean BIG! it filled up the entire house with its tantalizing aroma of apple, butterscotch, and black tea. The butterscotch became the dominate aroma after I added water and let it brew.



Every sip provided the experience of a different flavor, be it butterscotch, green apple, black tea, or even a slight lemon taste. What is consistent with this coffee is that it is smooth, and clean from start to finish.



When I added milk to Black Eye Guatemala, the butterscotch, and the black tea became the assertive flavors. I did not lose any of the other flavors, but they took a back seat to the other two flavors.



The acidity of this coffee is just right, bright and clean, balanced, maintaining the brisk, and citrus all at the same time. There is a little bit of sharpness at the first sip, enough to wake up your taste buds, but that is about it.



The body is full, without being heavy. I was very impressed by it being so full of flavor, too. Often, when a coffee that is lighter, it tends to lack a lot of flavor. Not this coffee. Black Eye did something good with this coffee.



The finish of this outstanding coffee great! It is bright, clean, fresh, full of amazing flavors that are well rounded, and balanced, the cup life has a medium time frame, 15 to 20 minutes, it goes very well with peanut butter sandwich, egg breakfast, and milk and cereal, making this coffee a great choice for breakfast time, as well as a morning break time. It will pair well with most sweets.


Bottom line

Go out and get some of Black Eye Coffees’ Guatemala! Like Black Eye’s icon of a boxer, you never know which flavor is going to hit you, and make an impression!


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