Bison Union were people come together.

Bison Union in, Sheridan, WY, is where local people come together. You will find a dedicated wall covered with patches of law enforcement, and emergency responders, from all over the country. There is a large spacious area where town locals gather, along with several tables, and bar stools to accommodate tourists and visitors alike.


The coffeehouse of Bison Union

The staff is very welcoming, and knowledgeable making the shop atmosphere comfortable, trendy, and clean. Located on the corner of Main and Grinnell, Bison Union gets their fair share of foot traffic, making it a fairly diverse crowd.

Bison Union has lots to offer besides coffee, too! You will find a wide selection of well made swag sporting the iconic store logo of the buffalo. T-shirts, hoodies, trucker caps, mugs and travel tumblers, just to list a few. But what makes a coffee shop/roaster? Coffee, and that is what they’ve got. Plenty of coffee, from a light roast to a bold and dark roast and everything in between. A whole section of one of the shop’s walls is dedicated to our caffeine beverage of choice. The coffee menu is well rounded, with seasonal offerings, and to go along with your favorite drink is an impressive selection of pastries, locally sourced and made.  We had their espresso drinks when we visited and they were very tasty and delicious. We did grabbed a bag of their freshly roasted coffee, upon a recommendation from our barista, that was enjoyed when we got home. (See my coffee roaster review for more)

Look at the goodie’s


On the whole, I can say that Bison Union is a perfect ambassador for Sheridan WY. So, if you find your self in Wyoming, and close to Sheridan, this is the place you should go to.


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