Bisbee Coffee Company is where it’s at.


Bisbee Coffee Company is where it’s at in Bisbee, AZ! It is a favorite with the locals as well with the tourist, with lots of great stuff in it to help make Bisbee Coffee Company the place to be.


Bisbee's Coffee Cart

The new gold ore cart

What makes this shop so special?

What makes this shop so special? Several things! The big stand out for me is the customer service, they are committed to it! It’s easy for a shop in a tourist town to be blasé, not really caring about service because they figure that there will be an endless supply of tourists. That is not the case here, they go the extra mile to provide top quality service, regardless if you are a tourist or a local, and plenty of locals do choose Bisbee Coffee Company.


The hours are very convenient for the working person, and the tourist, they open up early, and stay open late 7 days a week.  In a town like Bisbee, that simply is not the norm, usually it is open up late and close early, and in some cases closed on the weekends


Another plus is that they serve freshly made food, it is not a big menu, but is really tasty and satisfying, and the pastries are outstanding and fresh.

An old coffee brewer

How is the coffee?

They have some really outstanding coffee, because the coffee that they serve is roasted by them. The roaster is on site, in the shop, so you can buy freshly roasted coffee.


The espresso drinks are to be sought out by anybody who loves espresso. Bisbee Coffee Company has a real nice selection of specialty drinks, as well as the classics. All made by some very talented baristas that has their craft down to an art.


Overall, I fell for Bisbee Coffee Company. It is a shop that has kept its eye on what makes a great cup of coffee, and did not fall into the trap of being a tourist town coffee shop, but instead proved itself to be a community coffee shop where the locals, and the tourist both benefit . Well done.







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