Big Creek Coffee

Hamilton MT busiest coffee shop and roaster.

What can I say about Big Creek Coffee? It is a gem of a shop in Hamilton MT! Big Creek offers fresh roasted coffee and cold brew for its eager coffee fans as well as fresh made pastries and what is better is some select chocolate that is made only for Big Creek Coffee, if you love fine chocolate and coffee you need to go no where else.
The brightly painted lobby is large enough to feel very comfortable in with out you feeling your standing in someone’s way, plenty of comfortable chairs and large tables and bar seating to help you feel at home. The lobby is filled with the heady and tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee and espresso drinks being made by some very talented baristas.

Big Creek Coffee’s cold brew is made with coffee beans from Ethiopia that gives it a truly pleasant flavor, and being a cold brew served cold, it is a nice refreshing way to have coffee straight out of the cooler and paired with their chocolate bar, life just got a whole lot better.

At Big Creek Coffee beside finding some finely roasted coffee and cold brew, you will also find some much needed coffee equipment; grinders, french presses, paper filters, and pour overs for any coffee geek and for the non coffee geek there is also excellent gift ideas as well.

Big Creek Coffee has made such a impression on people you will find their coffee in 14 locations in the Bitterroot Valley as well as the Farmers Markets in and out around Hamilton.  Go check out Big Creek Coffee, sit down and have a great cup of coffee and if you are up for some decadence get one of their chocolate bars as well.


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