Bergies Haitian Blue Mountain Organic is on par with Jamaican Blue Mountain

Bergies Haitian Blue Mountain is the most recent addition to their coffee counter, and it is quite the catch. Full of flavor, and very much on par with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and I will even go so far as to say that it is better than Jamaican Blue Mountain!

Some wicked good coffee in a bag

This fine coffee comes from a small co-op in Haiti, in the Nord region, which is at 3900 feet above sea level. Being a small co-op means there is not a whole lot of it on the market, and Bergies scored some, and are sharing it here in the East Valley of Arizona!


Here is what I found.



The aroma of this coffee is rich, with nuttiness and caramel. I did get a slight hint of some floral and spice, while maintaining a subtle, but enticing aroma.

Haitian Blue Mountain


Bergies Haitian Blue Mountain is full of flavors that are well balanced with each other. I picked up the nuttiness of almonds, which seemed to be the main flavor, but I also got some caramel, and some spice, like cinnamon. All of it is naturally sweet and mild, with a very smooth finish.


Adding milk to this coffee made it more like a dessert coffee that will pair well with coffee cake of any type and chocolate.



Here is the big surprise, the acidity in this coffee is mild, not sharp or bright, but very clean and sweet. No bitter aftertaste, even as it ages in the cup, it maintains its pleasant profile. A very smooth, mild to medium cup of coffee.



Buttery and creamy, are the two main adjectives here. I was quite impressed with it, I kind of expected a juicy or watery coffee, and I did not get it. It is creamy without being heavy, and buttery without clinging onto your taste buds. A very nice surprise indeed.



Haitian Blue Mountain from Bergies is a well-rounded cup of coffee, with no sour notes as it aged in my cup. Offering an excellent cup life, with a buttery texture, and creamy mouth feel that will lure you in to drink more. So, go ahead, enjoy the fine flavors of nuttiness, and spice with some caramel undertones that is naturally sweet, and a very delightful cup to drink.

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