Roaster Name: Bergies

Street: 309 N Gilbert Rd.
Postcode: 85234
City: Gilbert
State: Arizona

Roaster Review:I sample Bergies El Salvador, and fell in love with it.I normally prefer a Sumatra, or darker roast, but this El Salvador was truly outstanding, a nice aroma greeted me when I brewed it up in my french press. The flavor profile was very wide and entertaining, I did a food pairing with pears and some dubliner cheese, and was very pleased with my selection, each one played off each other in a balance and complimentary way. The cup life is on the shorter side of a half hour, so I would recommend it as a morning cup of coffee with your breakfast, or did as I did and use it as a afternoon treat, either way it is a roast that delivers on its promise of a good cup of coffee.

Phone: 480 497 3913
Country: USA

Description:Bergies started in 2009, they offer a nice selection of coffee from all over the world for their daily roast, and some very outstanding single origins beans.  Bergies will also custom roast your order to your own flavor profile, and put your own label on the bag of beans. Ordering from Bergies web-site is easy and straight forward.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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