Becks Coffee

Roaster of Las Cruces NM


Becks Coffee Roaster is a small batch coffee roaster out of Las Cruces, NM, located in the historic part of Mesquite Neighborhood. There, you will find the basic assortment of roasted coffee, single origin and some very good blends, that have some equally good names, for instance; Full Moon Magic, Brekky Blend, Mesquite Street Espresso, Organ Mountain and my favorite, Jacked Rabbit Blend.

Becks Jacked rabbit/ CoffeeKen

Jacked Rabbit

Becks Coffee Roaster is open Monday through Saturday with roasting done on five out seven days, Wednesday and Sunday being the days of rest, so to speak. When you place your order, you can pick it up with in two hours, or if you live out of town you can have it shipped.


I, myself, was quite lucky to try the Becks Mexican single origin, and relished it. Beautifully roasted to bring out a wonderful aroma of flowers, with a hint of milk chocolate, that fills the kitchen. Not a bad way to start your day. The flavor was very pleasing, naturally sweet with milk chocolate and spice. When I put cream or milk with it, the coffee became like a Mexican hot chocolate, very smooth with hints of cinnamon, a wonderful velvet and creamy texture. The finish of the Mexican was a nice floral taste, with a clean finish, and no lingering aftertaste. The cup life of this coffee is average, about fifteen minutes before it goes flat, but even then it is still a good coffee, the milk chocolate flavor really comes out then. I tried it iced and found it to be just as wonderful.


I recommend using this coffee for breakfast and break time and even having it with dessert that might have a chocolate base.

Becks Coffee Roaster is up to something good, and I feel very lucky to have come across them. As a coffee drinker, I am quite pleased.





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