Another work of Art from Carta Coffee Merchants

A sad day here at Coffeeken, we are getting ready to have our last bag of Artisan Series 2023 from Carta Coffee Merchants. We love this coffee, and the other reason we love it, it is a American coffee.  You will not find any other coffee world wide that has a very distinctive flavor profile and feel as Kona does and Carta Coffee has their own unique veritable Kona coffee.

Carta Coffee’s Farm

This years offering is very much in alignment with last years harvest, the only subtle difference I picked up was the chocolate profile was a bit more pronounced with or without dairy. Otherwise it is the same high quality and outstanding coffee. 

A full body coffee that is not overbearing or watery, but right in the golden zone. The flavors of chocolate, lush fruits, fiery earthiness, with a slight hint of smokiness permeates this fine coffee.

The aroma is the perfect way to start your day, with it’s bold “fill the house” aroma,  guaranteed  to wake up the heaviest sleeper.

The acidity is low, it is naturally sweet, which is a pleasant surprise, you normally do not get a natural sweetness with low acid coffee. The cup life is long and holds true to the flavor profile.

Over all

Over all this coffee is just as outstanding as last years offering, and the consistency is amazing. The growing environment for the Kona is perfect, and the roaster (Scott) hits a home run again. Is this a legacy coffee in the making? I am willing to put it out there that the odds are in the plus side of this comment.

As I stated earlier you will not find another American coffee like Kona, and Carta Coffee Merchants is one of the best in my opinion.      

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