Amethyst, Denver’s little gem in the making.


Amethyst is one of those little coffee shops that you can easily spend your whole day in, enjoying the atmosphere, drinking coffee, and daydreaming of all those things that you want to do in your life, but find yourself putting off because life has been too demanding.

The coffee menu is small, but it covers all the basics, making it a gem of a coffee shop indeed. The owner and barista is spot on with the drinks and suggestions, and the interior of Amethyst is very comfortable, making it conducive to doing great work, be it college, business, or any of your own personal projects.  I felt very much at ease there, so much in fact, that I even wrote this review while I was still there, which is indeed a first.

The shop is spacious with plenty of elbow room for doing work on your laptop, or even actual paper work. The Denver Art Museum is just a half block away, and you will find students and even some of the museum staff hanging out there, taking a break from their day.

I think Denver is lucky to have Amethyst coffee shop, it is a nice oasis from the steady grind of the downtown life and busy pace, so if you find yourself in Denver in the Capitol area stop in and take a break.

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