Wild Iris Coffee House

Wild Iris Coffee House is Prescott AZ premier coffee shop that has been around for several years. A leader in the coffee culture Wild Iris has set a rather impressive benchmark.

What kind of Benchmark?

The benchmark that Wild Iris has set one of excellent coffee, fresh food, and customer service, all done with a smile and pleasant attitude.

The espresso drinks I got were very good, the Mexican Mocha is made for those who love an epicurean adventure. The taste is very chocolaty but with a rather hot finish with some cayenne pepper that will make you gasp. My cappuccino was done to perfection, the espresso I found to be quite good and well balanced for their drinks.

The food you get there is very fresh and the pastries are out of this world, made right there.  A Cronut, a doughnut made with croissant dough is what we had and it was hitting the ball out of the park. A perfect food pairing for our drinks.

All this done with a staff that was quite happy to see you as a customer and a fellow coffee lover.

Two of the many drinks that are made at Wild Iris

Two of the many drinks that are made at Wild Iris

What other things did you discover there?

First of all, I was quite pleased to see a well-attended lobby with locals and some tourist. Seating is plenty at Wild Iris, a long table set up for large groups.  Chairs with small tables fill the lobby and an outdoor patio that is just perfect for any time of day. The one thing that stood out is the wall of mirrors, you have to check it out.

The spacious room at Wild Iris

The spacious room at Wild Iris

Who do you recommend to go there?

In conclusion Wild Iris is a community coffee shop, it is a place for everybody. A student that needs a place for coffee and space to do homework.  A professional that needs a quick place to get an espresso drink and some quality made food, and lastly it is just a cool place to hang out in.

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