Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Company

Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Company is a new coffee shop in Gilbert AZ, with a unique twist. Instead of an espresso bar, or a fully tricked out coffee shop, Sweetz Cold Brew offers cold brew, and nitro brew. This is the only nitro and cold brew coffee shop in the state of AZ, or at least in the Valley of the Sun. I have looked around, and have yet to find any place with a main focus on non-hot coffee or espresso.

Coffee Bar at Sweetz

Nitro and cold brew only? Really?

That’s right! You can get your drinks hot if you want them that way, but the main emphasis is on cold brew, and nitro brew. I think it is a savvy marketing strategy, being in the hot desert of AZ. Having an ice cold cup of cold or nitro brew on a typical Phoenix area day is great! Sweetz offers a wide range of flavored, signature drinks that are quite yummy. If cold brew is not your cup, Sweetz does have a solid menu of smoothies, Frappuccino’s, chocolate milk and chia tea.

Coffee Bar Sweetz

What else does Sweetz Cold Brew offers?

You also have the neat option of taking your favorite cold brew home. There is 12, 32, and 64 oz. bottles that you can get, have them filled, and bring them back for refills. You don’t need to be limited to one bottle at a time you can get a sampler 6 pack to go as well. What goes well with good coffee? Sweets that is what! And you will find some cupcakes and brownies that are oh so yummy!


What does the shop look like?

The shop is really cool, and very cute, with a lobby that has its own vibe. There is a very cool bar with very comfortable bar stools, covered with pink glittery fabric. The décor of the place is chic, and eclectic with some very cool lights, and decorations that give a steam punk, and urban construction feel.

Light on a table

Will you go back?

I sure will, I like this place enough that I am going to take my wife and daughter, they need to see it! The coffee, and service is spot on and what I like the most, is that Sweetz was once a home venture that is now a store front. Good Job! Sweetz Cold Brew!

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