Sweet Bloom is all that and more

Sweet Bloom is all that and more! If you are looking for a quality coffee shop that welcomes you, invites you to stay and fulfills your need for coffee related merchandise, we found it. Sweet Bloom in Westminster, CO to a perfect place to replenish our spirits with a welcoming atmosphere that has tables and chairs laid out in such a way that you feel you could be alone while being in a busy, and popular shop. The staff is attentive, and the espresso served is top notch. 

Sweet Bloom’s espresso and scone

What we found

I noticed several different types of customers there, from remote computer workers, and students that shared the same large table, to those that are able to sit in a private booth, working away while imbibing on their preferred caffeinated drink. There were also a sizable segment of seniors citizens who would meet up and socialize, as well as moms with strollers spending time together and having a cup in their otherwise busy day. 

Sweet Bloom is clearly the social and community hub in the area. We were amazed how easily we fit in, and joined in on the conversations with some of the patrons.

Sweet Bloom’s lobby

As for the retail side of Sweet Bloom, you will find it has the range of coffee equipment for sale to suit whatever level of coffee, or espresso enthusiast you may be, and of course last but upmost is that they have a wonderful selection of fresh roasted coffee with a quick tasting profile on the bag. 

Parking at Sweet Bloom was not that big of a deal, I noticed several of their customers walked in from their apartments and some like us are commuters had no issue finding a spot to park without fear of a ticket or a paid parking lot fee.


Sweet Bloom is some what off the beaten path but I feel it is well worth the effort to put it in your maps app and have it handy as one of your stops for your day. 

Will we go back, you bet! I now have it pinned in on my app. 


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