Roaster Name: Spirit Bear
Unit 111
2071 Kingsway Ave
Pot Coquitlam
BC, V3C 6N2
Roaster Review: I was in Victoria a few weeks ago and came across Willies Cafe at the British Columbia Natural Museum, tried some of their coffee and was taken aback by their coffee, it was outstanding, I inquired on who their roaster is and they told me it is Spirit Bear. I love this stuff. I did manage to buy a pound from Willies Cafe, it was their last pound, but I am very glad I bought it. I bought the Orca (Gispuwadewada) and fell in love with it. I have made espresso shots, iced coffee, various espresso drinks, and of course a french press, and enjoyed it very thoroughly, the blend did not lose it flavor profile at all. Very seldom do I run across a roaster that has manage to achieve this level of perfection, but it has happened up here in the Canadian Northwest, it will well worth it to look up Spirit Bear if you are ever in Canada, buy a pound,sip and enjoy and find their web-site and sign up as I did.
Country: Canada

Description: The Spirit Bear Coffee Company, is inspired by the legend of Moksgm’ol the spirit bear of the native northwest. With this legend in mind Spirit Bear Coffee has a program called “Education for the Preservation” through it they promote social and environmental awareness. Spirit Bear Coffee is Fair Trade Certified,and Certified Organic by OCIA.Spirit Bear has five blends and one decaf all named after various animals of the northwest. The blends range from light to dark,and they have their own espresso blend, all can purchased on line and shipped directly to you.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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