Roaster Name: Solar Roast Coffee
Street: 226 North Main
Postcode: 81003
City: Pueblo
State: Colorado
Roaster Review: I sample their Guatemala and found it a rather good roast, it has all the nuttiness of honey roasted peanuts and some lovely hint of milk chocolate.  They have other beans from all over the world that is roasted in their solar roaster, making this coffee one of the few coffee roasters in the country that is using green and renewable energy to roast their coffee. If you do live in Pueblo CO and want their fabulous coffee, you can go to their web site and order directly, they has a nice selection of coffee that you can place your  order on line and  will  be shipped to you.
Phone: 719-544-3515
Country: United States

They are perhaps the only solar roaster that I know of. They have converted a satellite dish into a solar roaster for their beans. I love the fact that they are reducing their carbon footprint. Solar Roaster have a coffee shop in the historic part of down town Pueblo where you can buy and sample their coffee.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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