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 Pony Expresso Coffee Shop in Dolores CO is one of those labors of love, where horses and coffee meet, put together in a way that will make you either remember your old horse days, or wish you had had them, inspiring you to stop, and visit again.


The Owner of  Pony Expresso is a former Cowboy from Arizona, who found his calling in coffee, so he went north to a cooler climate, and landed in Dolores CO, a charming little town that he now calls home. There he set up this wonderful coffee shop. All the drinks are named after horse breeds, and the walls are covered with artwork that celebrates horse and rider, even the cup sizes are names inspired in the same way, for example a small cup is a Shetland, medium a Morgan, (which is the breed of horse I ride) and a large is a Clydesdale.


Finding  Pony Expresso Coffee Shop is very easy, so easy in fact, that if you blink, you will drive right by it. Keep your eyes open to the south side of the road, and towards the middle of town on the main street, and you will see it. Parking is very easy, however if you’re hauling a trailer or driving a large rig, you would do well to park on the street. Otherwise, take your time when you visit, for if you hurry, you may miss out on something fun and unique, a worthy place to hang out in and rest a bit before you make your drive up to Telluride.


Pony Expresso Coffee Shop is the town’s coffee shop; everybody comes in and enjoys a cup along with some yummy baked goods that are made locally. During the fall season, they will get busy with tourist and hunters that travel up and down the highway, and then skiers during the winter, because it is a great place to have a cup at.

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