Pinebrook Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is worth getting.

Pinebrook Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is well worth the effort of getting and having on your coffee shelf. Pinebrook is found in Westchester and Brooklyn NY, making their coffee roasters the perfect bridge between micro lot roaster, and big commercial mass roaster. The end result is a boon to us all! We have access to some outstanding coffee, at an affordable price that we could not readily get elsewhere.

Pinebrook has an easy-to-use website, that flows quite nicely. It has plenty of information, combined with just the right amount of coffee information. For the coffee geek that is into home roasting, Pinebrook can be your place, too, since they have a nice selection of green beans as well.

Pinebrook coffee

Pinebrook’s Jamaica Blue Mountain

Now on to the review, here is what I found.



Once I opened the bag and was met with notes of chocolate and some spice, followed by some rich notes of earthiness, and a subtle hint of vanilla.



I really enjoyed this cup straight up black; it was well balanced with chocolate and earthiness, and has a surprising natural sweetness, very clean and smooth.

On my second cup, I managed to put in cream, after reminding myself to do so. The dairy product made this coffee into a rich dessert coffee, the chocolate notes became more dominate and the earthiness was replaced by the spice and vanilla.

French press Pinebrook

Pinebrook Coffee from a French press


This Jamaica Blue Mountain is very clean and smooth, I did not get any bitterness in it what so ever, very well balanced. The finish is crisp and clean, despite the earthy notes in the cup.



The body is full, quite impressive, not heavy, you know you are drinking some serious coffee here.



A clean finish, no bitter aftertaste. I like the long cup life, due to the low acidity. The chocolate, earthy, and spice notes made this an outstanding cup for me.



Pinebrook has done an outstanding job of representing Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee here. The roast is done to perfection bringing out the earthiness of Jamaica and the subtle spices of the island. The chocolate notes are an extra treat in my opinion, milk or cream really enhance that flavor profile, and blends very well with the spice and earthiness. I love the natural sweetness and the clean finish of this coffee, usually with the earthiness you have a lingering aftertaste which I did not get. Very nice indeed.







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