Peixoto Coffee

Chandler’s Premiere Coffee Shop


Peixoto (pay-sho-tow) Coffee is Chandler AZ’a newest coffee shop, the owners Jeff and Julia has put their mission statement on their label and sign, “From crop to cup”. The coffee beans are cultivated in Brazil by Julia’s father and has a direct line to Peixoto Coffee shop to be roasted, the only extra hands that handle their beans is the shipper from Brazil to the US. And because Peixoto has direct access to their beans, they know when the coffee beans are harvested, what type of beans are available, and no “aged” beans have been sitting in a warehouse, going past their prime. Just fresh harvested coffee beans that are right off the farm, dried, processed and shipped directly to Peixoto, you cannot get any fresher than that.

The shop itself is fresh, too. When we first walked in we both thought we were stepping into a wine bar, but we were quickly greeted by the tantalizing smell of coffee, and we knew we were in the right place. The staff and baristas are perfect, and they are on top of their game, very pleasant, knowledgeable, and full of good suggestions. We had the macchiato, mocha, and a latte, and all three were perfect. What made these drinks outstanding was the espresso blend that the head roaster did himself. A perfect blend of body, sweetness, and brightness that gave you a very distinctive taste that I enjoyed, and even the non-espresso person in my party really liked it, they even wanted more.

Peixoto Coffee has a signature drink called a Cascara it is the best of two worlds, one being a tea and one being of coffee. Cascara is made of the coffee cherry skins, steeped and brewed like tea, and then served hot or cold. You have this very pleasant tea with a subtle flavor of fruit like coffee that is very refreshing; I will be having more of that the next time I go there.

I could go on for more pages but you really need to go to Peixoto Coffee and try this place yourself, it is a nice blend of Brazilian coffee culture and modern coffee culture nicely put together at Peixoto Coffee.

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