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A Little Black Dress is necessary for any fashion savvy woman, so when I got my Little Black Dress I was certainly thrilled about it. Hold on, before you get to wonder, let me back up, and fill you in on what transpired. I was going through my tweets, and responding to them when I came across a tweet from Pacific Green Coffee saying that they had a Little Black Dress in their cup, and wanted to know what I had in my cup? That caught my attention. I never had a little black dress in my cup before, was it some type of new bar drink or something else? Pacific Green Coffee was quick to reply, it was their own very special blend of coffee beans, called Little Black Dress, it is their biggest seller and they sent me a bag of it. I told my wife and friends I was waiting to get my Little Black Dress, and the looks of “What?” and some chuckles I got was well worth the running gag line. With a name like that, I could see why, but after having some I now know why.


Little Black Dress is one of those coffees that I find myself getting excited about, because it has all the right aromas, flavors, acidity and body that any hard core coffee fan will agree. The aroma is rich, spicy, earthy, and chocolaty with some cedar undertones, a kind of feel good aroma makes you feel all fuzzy inside. You know this is going to taste good and it does.


The flavor will make any chocolate lover think they are drinking their favorite dark chocolate. There is spice and natural sweetness, along with some earthiness and a hint of cedar, giving this well-rounded, balanced and complex coffee a high score in this household.


The body is impressive, very smooth, and easy on the tongue, yet full in the mouth. You know you are drinking a very fine coffee with each sip. The acidity is bright and fruity with out being tangy or sharp, giving you a nice finish and a smile and like a little black dress a nice memory as well.

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