Ozo Coffee Co.

Truly Boulder’s own coffee roaster

Street: 5340 Arapahoe Ave
Postcode: 80303
City: Boulder
State: Colorado

Roaster Review: I sampled Ozo Coffee Co. Ethiopian Sidamo and found it to be quite refreshing full of blueberry and a little hint of chocolate. What made this coffee stand out for was when I added half and half and poured it over ice, it was a perfect way to get the full flavor of this coffee, it was totally refreshing served that way. The coffee paired very well with milk chocolate and if the coffee is served hot, blueberry pancakes come to mind. the cup life of this coffee is on the short to medium side, so serving it in small cups is the perfect way to serve it.

  • Aroma; Fruity, slight hint of Chocolate
  • Body; Impressive,with a full play on the taste buds
  • Flavor; Sweet, complex with berry notes( cherry), hint of chocolate, smooth, with a nice finish of citrus.
  • Acidity: clean finish, no long after taste.
Phone: 303 440 0233
Country: USA
Description: Ozo is Boulders leading coffee roaster. Going into their shop you will find a vast samples of coffee. They have single origin espresso as well as espresso blends that stand out in any coffee crowd. The beans are roasted right next door, and Ozo offers weekly coffee tasting.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
Coffee Rating Number: 93
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