Kream Coffee Rises to the Top

Kream Coffee, located at Central and Camelback, within the very contemporary “For The People” store, is making a bold statement about coffee culture, and how coffee should be served in Up Town Phoenix AZ.

They started out as a hand crafted pop up coffee stand that has been traveling around Phoenix for over a year and now has found a home inside the store “For The People”, it is a perfect fit!

The wonderful coffee and cookies at Kream Coffee

The wonderful coffee and cookies at Kream Coffee

How is it a perfect fit?

First of all, “For The People” is not your average store, they are a contemporary store, selling cutting edge, and artistic items. As it happens, Kream Coffee is also quite contemporary. Making coffee, and espresso drinks from local, and national roasters, on a weekly basis. As a coffee geek, or a third wave coffee drinker, you won’t get stuck in a coffee rut. Exciting right?

The shared space of For The People and Kream Coffee

The shared space of For The People and Kream Coffee

How is the coffee?

The coffee is hand crafted, therefore it will not be sitting in a coffee pot, but is freshly poured. By means of being weighed, grinded, put in a pour over, and weighed to perfection on a scale, by volume.


Most noteworthy their roasters are selected for their care, and roasting profile of the single origin beans, giving you a unique coffee experience that you will not find at any of the big corporate shops.


How is the overall experience?

My experience at Kream was outstanding! I felt very much at home, it was nice to talk to a barista that knew what they were doing, knew exactly what kind of coffee they were serving. Additionally it was great to get all of coffee roaster information as well; my barista even knew what type of roast profile that was used. I loved it!

In conclusion, you have to go to Kream, purely for the experience of a contemporary store and coffee shop!

Kream Video

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