Kinleys lobby/CoffeeKen

Kinleys House Coffee & Tea

where coffee, tea and soul meets



Kinleys House Coffee  of El Paso TX, is a wonderful example of everything that makes a coffee shop outstanding and great, and it all comes together in one place. What makes Kinleys House Coffee a step above? The fact that the tea house has its own place, right behind the coffee shop, so you have the kinetic energy of the coffee shop, or you can walk a few yards and have the serenity of a modern tea house.


The coffee shop itself is very modern, with poster of all kinds of movie art, and anime classics, along with spacious seating, and lots of tables for the busy college students, and professionals. The hours at Kinleys House Coffee reflect this dedication to their customers, by being open early, and staying open late. I found the staff to be very friendly, and informative, they knew their menu, had personal favorites that they were eager to share.


Besides serving up some outstanding coffee and espresso drinks, Kinleys House Coffee  also has some healthy, quality food for a modest price, perfect for the college student, all the food is fresh made there in their kitchen and if you have room for dessert there is also an afrogato that you have to try, quite yummy.


Dessert at Kinleys House Coffee/ CoffeeKen

The teahouse is itself, a work of art. Very sleek in design, and fresh, with full menu of Japanese green teas, and sharing this space of tranquility is a bank, I love the juxtaposition of it all.


Overall I will say Kinleys House Coffee  is a place you need to visit, if you consider yourself a coffee enthusiast, and if you are looking for a place to go where you can impress your non coffee drinking friends, Kinleys House Coffee is the perfect place to go in El Paso TX.






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