Jackie’s Java’s Costa Rican Secret Stash is that, and more.

Jackie’s Java’s Costa Rican Secret Stash is that, and more. We, here at CoffeeKen Coffee Club, treated ourselves to this outstanding coffee this past Sunday. All the coffee drinkers were quite impressed by the Secret Stash, and gave CoffeeKen a slight rubbing by not having enough for a second pot. Clearly, he was having a hard time restraining himself from this coffee.

Everybody agreed this coffee is very versatile, it paired well with all of our food choices. The food items in question were thus, Walnuts, Peanut butter, Coconut Macaroons, Pears, Cheddar cheese, Chocolate Banana loaf and Almond Biscotti.

CoffeeKen Coffee Club enjoying Jackie’s Java

The Pairings.

The pairings of walnuts and peanut butter brought out the brightness and nuttiness in the coffee and gave it a smooth texture.  Our next adventure and surprise were the pare and cheddar cheese, everyone was shocked on how well these paired with the Secret Stash. It was juicy and naturally sweet, and the cheese made it mellow and gave it more body. The coconut macaroon also became a group favorite, the dark chocolate on the macaroon brought the chocolate notes to the fore front, and the combination was very pleasing overall. We tried the chocolate banana loaf and we were not disappointed nor surprised by how well they paired together. The almond biscotti was also quite pleasant, and we all noticed how the anise was more pronounced with the Costa Rican than without.

Jackie’s Java Secret Stash with some Biscotti


Overall the coffee club consensus was a big double thumbs up.  Jackie’s Java’s Costa Rican Secret Stash is an all-round player. It pairs well with most foods that you would find at home and with foods that you would only find in coffee shops or restaurants. We feel that you could do no wrong having this coffee with any food that you personally want to have. Truly a remarkable coffee to drink and keep an eye out for, and yes, the label is right, it is so good you may not want to share.





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