Infusion Coffee & Tea, Tempe AZ: New Temple of Coffee.

Infusion Coffee & Tea is perhaps Tempe AZ’s new temple of coffee, and everything that goes with it! Infusion Coffee & Tea offers everything a coffee geek could ever want, and it is done just right!

A Cubano by Infusion Coffee & Tea

A Cubano by Infusion Coffee & Tea

How is it done right?


Infusion is one of three coffee shops in the U.S. that make their espresso with a San Moreno machine. The San Moreno is Italy’s very impressive, top shelf espresso machine! It has it all, the barista can program the machine to do any type of shot, all done right there with a smart phone. Really, you have go there to see this machine in action, it will astound you! It is programed right there, for any type of flavor profile you are looking for in your espresso. Not to mention, Infusion does a proper job of serving coffee as well!


What makes Infusion Coffee & Tea different from other coffee shops.


Infusion Coffee & Tea is totally different from other start up shops. They have workshops you can attend, for example: lessons on how to use a coffee roaster, workshops on how to prepare a proper French press, and a very active cupping, that is truly a stand out!

Let’s talk about Tea; Infusion does tea just right, as is well worth looking at it.

What stood out the most for me was the barista, they know their stuff inside out, and forwards and backwards, which is very important to the owner of Infusion Coffee & Tea. He is committed that his help is totally involved on every aspect or the coffee, from where it is farmed, all way to the end result; you, the customer. Lastly, Infusion has a wall of stuff that any self-restraining coffee geek, or third waver coffee drinker would go crazy over!



Who should go to Infusion Coffee & Tea?


Anybody who loves, and is highly passionate about coffee and tea, this is your place! All the workshops, cupping and brewing equipment that is offered is to make your life better, including the quality of coffee, and tea that is available is top notch! Infusion is among the few shops I know that offer such high quality coffee and tea. Go to Infusion Coffee & Tea, and become a part of it all.

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