Hillside Coffee and Doughnut Company a landslide of great coffee.


Hillside Coffee and Doughnut lobby / CoffeeKen

Hillside Coffee and Doughnut in El Paso TX, is onto something grand! Fresh roasted coffee, fresh made doughnuts (that are out of this world), and fresh made food, now, add some quality baristas, some outstanding customer service, and a fantastic shop and what you get? You get something that totally rocks as a go to coffee shop!


Hillside Coffee and Doughnut is new to El Paso’s coffee culture, and while they have been in their current location for just a year, from what I have seen, they are off to a good start, building something extraordinary. The shop sits on a hillside (hence the name), that overlooks the Rio Grande valley, and the views are wonderful. The shop itself is done in a very modern style, with attention to detail. My favorite part is the sound muffling boards in the ceiling, working to make your visit or stay at Hillside a very enjoyable one, why, you can talk in a normal volume, without shouting. It is a great place to sit down with friends, family or new acquaintances, and not feel you’re in a shop that is trying to get you out the door with their loud atmosphere.


The coffee and espresso at Hillside Coffee and Doughnut is top shelf, in my opinion, very well done, with excellently balanced, I could actually taste all the different types of beans they use in their blends. Go for the pour over method when you order your coffee there, you need to try it. If cold brew coffee is your thing, well, Hillside can set you up for that too! They have three cold drip brewers going, just for you! Not to mention, this place has the show and tell show going on as well.


Bottom line from me, make it a point to put Hillside Coffee and Doughnut on you “must visit”, list and do it.



A wall mural at Hillside

A wall mural at Hillside


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