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Harvey Creek Blend a bold way to start your day

Lions Bay Coffee Company

Lions Bay Coffee Company

Harvey Creek Blend by Lions Bay Coffee Company, out of Lions Bay Canada, is offering the Northwest area some fine, and outstanding coffee. I consider myself to be quite lucky to receive this fine coffee, and to have the opportunity to sample it. Lions Bay offered their Harvey Creek Blend, which showcases the fine talent of the head roaster, Kelvin Cumming; the man has some serious talent, and it shows in his coffee.

Here is what I found:

Harvey Creek Blend is a dark roast, but don’t let that stop you if you are a city roast person, it is very smooth, rich, and yes dark, like a top quality stout. If you are a stout drinker, then this is your coffee, if not, your horizons are about to be expanded.


The aroma is very big, and bold, filling up the room with enticing smells. I picked up hints of chocolate, fruitiness, nuttiness, some smokiness, a richness of the aroma telling you, you are about to drink something extraordinary.


The flavor of Harvey Creek Blend did not disappoint me! It followed in step with the aroma, giving me a complexity of taste that was very smooth, and naturally sweet, yet bold, without leaving any bitter aftertaste. A very clean finish indeed.


In fact, I almost forgot to add cream to the Harvey Creek Blend, because I was enjoying it black so much! However, to check out how well the flavors come through, I found out that the cream did little to dampen the complexity of the coffee, but actually added a new dimension to the body of it.


The body is very full in the mouth, making an impressive statement. It is thick, without being overly heavy, even with cream, the weight was not an issue, but made Harvey Creek Blend creamy, putting this coffee in the dessert section for me.


The acidity is surprisingly bright, despite the dark roast, making it clean, with a natural sweetness to it, that in fact, I feel adding sugar would be a crime! As the coffee cooled down, I waited for the bitterness to show up, and it did not!  I now have a new coffee to take on my road trips down here in AZ!

Final thoughts

The finish of Harvey Creek Blend is bright, clean, fresh, full, and well rounded, with all the flavors coming through to make this an excellent cup of coffee.


Hats off to Kelvin Cumming, and Lions Bay Coffee Company, for doing such a stand up job.

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