Roaster Name: Harbor Perk
Street: 1003 Bridge Street
Postcode: 44004
City: Ashtabula
State: Ohio
Roaster Review: I bought the Indian Mysore from Harbor Perk and it was a fantastic journey to India through this finely roasted bag of coffee beans. The body and flavor are full, balanced filled with wonderful notes of chocolate, spices from the far east and a slight hint of floral earthyness. The acidity was mild and sweet, I ended up drinking the cup with out the use of cream, that was a great surprise since I normanlly have cream in my coffee, but this roast did not need any and my taste buds were rewarded. I recommend this coffee to any of my coffee geek friends, dare them to find and order coffee beans from Harbor Perk, it is well worth it.
Phone: 440 964 9277
Country: USA
Description: A small, family owned roaster serving the lake Erie area in Ashtabula OH. The beans are roasted daily keeping freshness in mind. If you are there in person lucky you, the roaster is in the same building as the coffee house, so you can enjoy both the smell of tantalizing coffee as it’s being roasted and have some very fresh coffee too. Harbor Perk has mail order available with the best deal being the 5 pound bag of beans, however order any size you want and they will be happy to send the caffine goodnes your way.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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