Gypsy House Café is back again

Gypsy House Café is back again, much to everybody’s delight, they are at a new location that offers so much more than their old establishment did. Better parking, more floor space, and a basement that is worthy of parties and small concerts. Other changes that are there, is a small lobby up front that you can wait in for your friends to show up, and a loft where you can get your Tarot Cards spread and read. The energy there is perfect, it falls right in line with the owners and to whole mission of the Gypsy House: A place to be. Perfectly in contrast to the crazy world that is going on right now.

The sign says it all.

What hasn’t change?

What hasn’t changed is the good quality of food, comradery between the employee’s and the costumers, and, best of all is the coffee. The espresso drinks are still the best, the coffee is top notch, and of course, my all-time favorite, is their Turkish Coffee. It is one of best in Denver. Pair that with the hookah and you are in a Persian heaven. It is one of those small temptations that I do indulge in once in a great while.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

What else is happening.

Gypsy House Café has found itself in a unique place. It is now a hub of activity for an up and coming neighborhood in Denver, so there is a strong sense of community. All the local businesses send their staff to there for coffee runs. Also, Gypsy House is hosting weekend events. Check out their calendar at their link to find out what is happening.

The coffee bar

Fans of Gypsy House Café can now rejoice that their favorite place is back, in a new location that is working quite well for them, and new fans can now share in the good vibes and spread the word around.


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