Granadina Honey Process, sweetness in the bag.

Granadina; Infusion has a very remarkable coffee on its shelf that will not be hanging out there very long due to the fact it is a limited source and also it is so good, you have to have a bag all to yourself. The name of this excellent coffee is the Granadina from the San Marcos region of Honduras. The roasters of Infusion have brought forth a richness of flavor and aroma from this mazing coffee bean.

A Cubano by Infusion Coffee & Tea

A Cubano by Infusion Coffee & Tea

What makes this different than the others?

What makes the Granadina different than the other Honduran coffee is the processing. The process that is used is called honey, it is not cured in honey or roasted in honey. The term “honey” comes from what is left on the coffee cherry. Pulp or skin is taken off and what is left is the sweet and very sticky mucilage and it is often called “honey” because of that. Other coffee cherries are either dry or washed to be processed.


How is it?

I found the Granadina to be quite outstanding, it has a very sweet aroma along with some fruity undertones and smokiness. The flavor is clean, smooth, complex and naturally sweet. You will also pick up some tropical fruitiness.

The Body of the Granadina is impressive, full of life, juicy almost sparkly. It is not thick or heavy, just right.


The Acidity is naturally sweet, not sharp, well balanced, smooth and clean, it did not get flat or sour after sitting in the cup for some time. What impressed me that the flavor profile just kept shifting ever so slightly, so the cup remained consistent while you are drinking it.



Overall I found the Granadina to be an extremely enjoyable cup of coffee, that showcase the coffee roasting talent of Infusion’s roasters and also showcases some outstanding coffee from Honduras.

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