Espresso Fino

a little gem of a shop in downtown Albuquerque

It is where the magic happens

Espresso Fino it is where the magic happens

Espresso Fino, in Albuquerque NM, is one of those little coffee shops, that despite it’s size, surprises you, making you think, “Hey, they are really good”! So good, in fact, that you would compare them with some of the bigger shops in town, and you would still go back, because the bigger shops are missing something. You can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s not because of the parking, it is in downtown Albuquerque, so there is no such thing, just spaces with meters, and the hope that you will get lucky. The shop itself is small, literally a hole in the wall, but it is done up very nicely, is fresh, and modern, despite the building is on the historic side of it’s age.


What makes Espresso Fino stand out for me, is the owners, you can tell it is their baby, and they are proud parents, and with good reason. They make outstanding espresso drinks, and do it with absolute style, and good humor. Despite the fact that I was an obvious tourist, I felt at home there. Espresso Fino has an avid, and loyal following. They have customers that will spend their weekend driving from the far reaches of NM, just to come to Albuquerque for their Espresso Fino fix. That is a real indicator of customer loyalty, earned by the great service, and quality of people who are willing to drive far, and sit at your table, just to order your espresso.


The shop is small, but it is fun, full of Star Wars stuff, but is not over done. The few tables inside, along with a sidewalk patio, that is just fun to hang out on, watch life go by while you are drinking your espresso drink. The menu is basic with a few surprise drinks tossed in to keep you curious and a great attitude to keep you coming back for more.

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