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Cup Cuff

Adding style to your to go cup


Cup Cuff is one of those niche market items that really has potential to change the way people drink coffee and make a positive impact on the world. What makes Cup Cuff different from other cup cuffs is the quality, style and the unseen value of their unique cup cuff. By using this well made item, you save natural resources and reduce landfill tonnage.

Cup Cuff is made with the finest fabric and sewn with a French seam with will hold up to all types of use and abuse. The material is tightly woven making it highly resistant to tears, punctures and snags. The cup cuff is thick enough to eliminate the heat and thin enough to be pleasantly held in your hands.

I found the style to be current and fresh and as a man who is not into cute crafty things especially around my cup of coffee, this was perfect, my big burly man card was not even at risk. My wife and daughter found the designs fun and fashionable for themselves and are enjoying using them.

The unseen value of Cup Cuff is that you are doing your part of reducing landfill tonnage and saving on paper usage, and we know where paper comes from and how it is made. I myself will be reducing my landfill contribution by several pounds. 6 cups a week, that is 312 paper cup cuffs per year, at not quite one ounce that is 20 pounds of paper that I am keeping out of the dustbins and the landfill in a years time, get your coffee drinking friends involved and you are moving quickly to removing tons of paper products out of the landfill or the recycling center

Cup Cuff is a company that is on the move in the right direction for the planet and for people as well.






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