Cubico’ s CoffeeKen Blend

CoffeeKen Blend;This is a first for me, custom blended coffee. When Cubico asked me what kind of coffee I liked, I told them “anything and everything, so you pick and surprise me”! They did, and in a very big way! Cubico sent a custom made blend with my name on it, in a very cool box, with enough information in a little booklet that my inner coffee geek was practically giddy!Cubico bag

The coffee itself is a blend of four coffees; Java Wonosobo from Indonesia, Yirgacheffe Birhanu from Ethiopia, Colombia Narino, and lastly, a Guatemala Antigua. Cubico roasted the beans independently to perfection, and then masterfully did a post roast, blending them together, making a coffee that I am very happy, and proudly to call my own.

The Aroma of CoffeeKen Blend is quite heavy, with sweet chocolate, and nuttiness enticing the taste buds, secondly I noticed some hints of lemon, lime and some herbs.

The Flavor is quite rich and complex, you pick up different flavors as the coffee cools down, the first flavor I noticed was the chocolate and the nuttiness, but the herbs and citrus took over when the coffee sat in my cup longer giving you a nice crips finish with no lingering aftertaste. CoffeeKen Blend is naturally sweet and stays sweet despite the acidity.

The Body is full without being heavy,  smooth  and almost buttery in texture, when milk is added the texture then becomes buttery and the coffee has a dessert quality to it, the chocolate is more pronounce and the nuttiness is more mild, the citrus and herbs become muted.

Over all I found CoffeeKen Blend from Cubico to be top notch and highly enjoyable, this blend maintains it richness regardless if it is made in french press, a pour over or if you are truly wanting some adventure use it as a espresso blend and have your taste bud liven up it is quite tasty .

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