Corvus Coffee Roasters

Englewood’s flagship coffee spot.

Corvus Coffee Roasters in Englewood, CO, is the flagship coffee spot for every type of coffee enthusiast. Corvus offers fresh roasted coffee daily, a place to sit down and enjoy your coffee with friends at a small table, or coffee bar where you can just hangout and chill with your drink.

Curvus cup of coffee

What impressed me most about Corvus, is the excellent customer service. The staff were all friendly, and highly knowledgeable about the coffee they serve. They knew about flavor profiles, and confidently offered their own favorite type of coffee that was sitting on the shelf. For me, there is nothing more off putting than coming across a barista that does not know anything of the coffee or the espresso that they are serving. Having the “I just work here attitude” will make me goes elsewhere, not come back, and not recommend that place.


How were the drinks?

The drinks were absolutely fantastic! The espresso was very balanced and mixed well with the steamed milk for my cappuccino. The others in my group were also very impressed with their drinks, which was no small task considering there were ten of us, and everybody was very pleased with what they got.

What put the experience over the top for me was our barista, she was full of excellent suggestions and recommendations on how to make our experience at Corvus an outstanding one.


What was the lobby like?

The lobby at Corvus was very much like their parking lot, lots of space! People were not on top of each other or worrying about backing into someone when at the coffee bar getting your drink. Instead of trying to maximize space for tables and chairs, they have chosen to provide lots of space, offering you a place to relax in. And if you like the great outdoors there is patio seating as well.

The other feature to Corvus is the roaster that is center stage in the second half of the lobby. The roaster is a Giesen, proudly set up and is surrounded by sacks of green coffee beans, as a coffee geek, this is pure heaven for me.

Corvus’s Giesen Roaster

You will also find that Corvus has a healthy selection of fresh roasted coffee by the bag, and several coffee related items to help you in your quest for achieving the perfect cup at home.

Corvus’s coffee bar.

Overall my experience at Corvus was top notch. Great customer service, knowledge staff that has some serious talent behind the coffee bar, and great coffee on top of it all! This is why I call Corvus the flagship coffee spot in Englewood.

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