Coal Creek Coffee Company

Laramie’s downtown favorite coffee shop.

Lobby Of Coal Creek/CoffeeKen


Coal Creek Coffee Company in Laramie WY, is one of those perennial favorite coffee shops for me. Located right in the historic part of downtown Laramie, you can spend the day shopping and then go to Coal Creek Coffee Company for a rich cup of coffee, or if you are a bit more serious in your caffeine consumption, they have some wicked good espresso drinks as well. Coal Creek is all about the coffee bean, there is fresh roasted coffee, coffee equipment, and of course coffee related clothes, so the inner coffee geek will leave quite happy. Now if all that coffee buzz is a bit too much for you, you will be glad to hear they have a kitchen there that makes some serious food, and better yet, a brewery where you can get some local brew, or ale to wind down from all the coffee you have been drinking.


The staff is quite good, and very friendly, and they know how to handle the rush of the crowd so that you’re not standing in line, wishing you were somewhere else. There is plenty of parking on the street side, as well as a city owned lot behind all the shops facing the street.


Space inside of Coal Creek Coffee Company is very roomy, and easy to navigate, without any fear of stepping on somebody’s toes, a big plus in my world due to the fact I can be rather ungraceful at times.

Lobby and coffee/CoffeeKen

Coal Creek Coffee Company is home to all the shoppers, and downtown workers of Laramie, so you find a lot of local people there who come there to have some alone time from their schedule, just to kick back and take a well-deserved break.


Bottom line, yes there is a good coffee shop out there in Laramie WY.

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