Caffe Vita

Caffe Vita started out with a committment to bring great espresso to Seattle. They have done that and more, now you can find Caffe Vita in the Denver market as well. Vita has a wide selcetion of espresso blends and single origin beans that are ready to be shippped to your door through Click Roast and Deliver.
  I sampled the Caffe Del Sol, and their Sumatra, and found both to be outstanding. The Del Sol was a treat to have as a stand alone shot or with a steamed milk drink. As a hard core espresso drinker this was such a treat to have an espresso blend that went either direction. The flavor of Caffe Del Sol was a nice blend of earthiness, spice and nuts that mixed well in the cup and on your taste buds. As the shot cooled down I did pick up a hint of brown sugar which added more to my favored opinion of this fine blend.  The Sumatra had all the great traits of what you expect in an Mandheling, the roaster brought out with a very rich, full body, smooth, gentle taste full of earthiness,coco, with some nice lemon undertones and a hint of spice to give it that exotic taste you look for. If you find yourself in Seattle go to Caffe Vita coffee shop on the hill where you can get a righteous cup of coffee or an espresso drink and get your pick of their freshly roasted beans that day, it is truly a place to visit and hang out in.
As a coffee lover you will find that Caffe Vita has all the coffee beans from all over the world, so your choices are great to choose from.
Go to Caffe Vita and have a great time.
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