Caffe Luce, Tucson’s Premier Coffee Company

Caffe Luce of Tucson calls it self the premier coffee company of Tucson and I will say it is so with good reason. The coffee shop is wonderful to hang out in and drink coffee or espresso. The staff is great, they know their stuff as baristas and the coffee that is roasted there is outstanding, but the most important part is the customer service, it was stellar.

The fine espresso and food

Caffe Luce is a medium size shop that manages its space quite well, the espresso bar is in the back as well the display of freshly made pastries. The lobby has several tables and chairs placed around shop to make you feel comfortable, and there is a large table for large groups of people who need some space to do some work.

Who goes there?

Caffe Luce has a loyal and diverse following of college students with lap top, bicycle riders and average people who just love a cup of excellent coffee while they play a game of cribbage on a Sunday morning.

caffe luce coffee bar

Caffe Luce is located in the north part of Tucson right off of River Road and Campbell in a medium sized shopping area so parking is not an issue at all.

What makes Caffe Luce stands out?

What make Caffe Luce stand out is the customer service and the coffee. I immediately felt like I have been going there for quite some time while this the first time I have been there. The coffee is just as good as the customer service, fresh well roasted and a well rounded selection of coffee offerings. If espresso is your forte Caffe Luce is there for you as well. The espresso menu is just the right size with some shop favorites as the Aztec Mocha, which by the way is very good and is now my favorite.


Bottom line,  go to Caffe Luce and have a good time.

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