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One of Las Cruces NM favorite Coffee Shops and Roaster


Becks Coffee lobby/CoffeeKen

Becks Coffee Bar

Becks Coffee of Las Cruces NM, is a favorite coffee shop, and roaster of the Mesquite historic neighborhood, they started in the market in downtown Las Cruces on Saturday’s, and now, it seems, everybody in the neighborhood comes here for their cup of fresh roasted coffee.  The shop itself is in an old and cute, stone house, that has been remodeled to accommodate a coffee roaster, and a lobby for the eager coffee drinkers.  Becks Coffee also has an outdoor patio with a view of the park across the street, providing a peek into the historic nature of the neighborhood. 


Beck's Little Coffee Roaster that started it all.

Beck’s Little Coffee Roaster that started it all.

Becks Coffee is not an over the top, fancy coffee shop, just a simple. straight up shop, with no espresso or fancy drinks. Becks Coffee is a home grown, and locally supported shop that serves some quality coffee, and chai tea and staffed by some very talented help, that manages the crowd very well, with a strong focus on customer service. There is plenty of leg room, with lots of tables and chairs, ensuring you don’t feel crowded at all. Despite the volume of customers I saw come in, Becks Coffee is not a bad place to call your second home when you need a break and a change of pace.
The community spirit is very much a part of the atmosphere. You can order food from next door, and have it delivered to Becks Coffee , while you joy your coffee. Becks even has the menu from the cantina, with “today’s special” added to their chalk board, all to better serve their customers.
Becks Coffee, in my opinion, is doing a wonderful job, serving the community they have chosen to do business in. Do yourself, and them a favor, check them out. You’ll be pleased you did. 
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