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Austin Java
Roaster Name: Austin Java
Street: 1710 Evergreen Ave.
Postcode: 78704
City: Austin
State: TX
Bergies Coffee Roast House
Roaster Name: Bergies
Street: 309 N Gilbert Rd.
Postcode: 85234
City: Gilbert
State: Arizona
Case Coffee Roasters
Roaster Name: Case Coffee Roasters
Street: 1255 Siskiyou Blvd
Postcode: 97520
City: Ashland
State: Oregon
City Brew Gourmet Coffee
Roaster Name: City Brew Gourmet Coffee
Street: P O Box 22209
Postcode: 59104
City: Billings
State: Montana
Coava Coffee
Roaster Name: Coava Coffee
Street: 1300 SE Grand Ave
Postcode: 97214
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Website: Coava
Coda Coffee
Roaster Name: Coda Coffee
Street: 1751 East 58th Ave.
Postcode: 80216
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Coffee By Design
Roaster Name: Coffee By Design
Street: 43 Washington Ave
Postcode: 04101
City: Portland
State: Maine
Coffee Traders Inc
Roaster Name: Montana Coffee Traders
Street: 5810 Hyw 93 S
Postcode: 59937
City: Whitefish
State: Montana
Columbia River Coffee Roaster
Roaster Name: Columbia River Coffee Roaster
Street: 279 West Marine Drive
Postcode: 97103
City: Astoria
State: Oregon
Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters
Roaster Name: Fahrenheit
Street: 869 2nd Ave
Postcode: 81328-9252
City: Mancos
State: Colorado
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Know your coffee words

Aroma – The sensation of the gases released from brewed coffee; may be described as ranging from fruity to herby.